Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

scot french

“A legacy built upon dignity cannot be replaced with a legacy built around money”

If there were an advanced race in this galaxy, even if it was according to western writers’ standards they would, at some point…destroy themselves. This would be if their technological advances outweighed their spiritual, cultural and religious development.

It is vital to emphasize spirituality over technology when understanding Africa’s success. America and African Americans have been independent since 1619 when the original slave mix arrived in Virginia Colony. The perseverance and determination of these Africans to make America great will inspire you. These are the people who, despite being chained and held prisoner by laws, managed to overcome all complexities.

The knowledge lies in the wombs of a person who has been rejected.

Thus, Africa reminds us – Scot French “Man Know Thyself!”

The entertaining story of history’s first successful flight includes fiction and historical facts. Richard Kigel’s “On The Wings Of The Wind, The Untold History History’s First Flight” book is brilliantly written. It is a story about perseverance and ingenuity as a team effort. The actions of the American African Slave, the ancestor of the fourth African American Woman Astronaut, are a shining example of the triumph of human spirit. Josiah Brantley is the Great-Great Great-Granddaddy Dr. Sharon Brantley. Astronaut and scientist.

Josiah Brantley escaped from slavery and fled Virginia and Pennsylvania between 1821-1822. Many legends have been told about the past. Most of these stories are untrue. These falsehoods keep coming back to bite us. Remember Wilbur Wright and Orville Frank Brothers? …! The European and American ruling groups would like us believe everything they tell us. Black Africans didn’t do anything in this world. Once the truth is out, civilization and man-woman will both be deeply rooted in Africa.

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