Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Mike McGahan

There are two sides of every coin. And just like there are skills that are necessary for leadership, there are other things that leaders must avoid. Napoleon Hill’s Think and grow Rich identified seven leading causes of failure. A person with one or more of these attributes cannot be a financial success.

Expecting to be paid only for what you know is not a way to earn money.

Napoleon Hill says that knowledge is worthless unless it’s put to use. It does not make you a great leader just because you know some theories about leadership and management. Implementing these principles is what matters, and it’s how you can gain respect and financial success.

Poor organizational skills.

A leader must be able to organize the big picture along with the details, as well to delegate responsibilities and assign tasks to his team. He should be able to focus on people when they are in need, take control when needed, and rethink the plans when faced with challenges.

Fear of competition from your followers.

Leaders can’t be effective if they are constantly looking at their shoulders, afraid that someone will step in for them. A leader who is truly effective is confident in her capabilities and actively seeks to develop the leadership skills of others within the team. This allows the leader be confident in her ability to delegate.


Selfishness is not a trait that will be appreciated. If a leader does this, even if their own contributions to the work are minimal, they will quickly Mike McGahan CLV Group be resentful of their team.

Too authoritarian.

Napoleon Hill talks about two types leaders for financial success. Leadership by force or leadership by consensus. An authoritarian leader chooses force, and may even make threats to their team or in still fear. Effective leaders are able to reach consensus and be true members of the team rather than someone who is imposing their authority.

Too much emphasis placed on job title.

It is not appropriate for a leader to expect others to show respect or deference just because they have a job title. The person who is proud of their job title is the most likely to be disappointed in his work. He will soon see his team distance themselves from him if he is physically closed off or unwilling to listen to their ideas or concerns.

It is not in your best interest to get ‘stuck in’.

There will be times when everyone has to work together to achieve an urgent deadline or overcome challenges. An effective leader will be present in these moments, encouraging and supporting her team whenever she can. She will also provide practical support and encouragement by working alongside them to complete the task.

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